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There are a number of reasons education internships are some of our most popular programs.

One thing is the necessity of internships for teaching majors. While students learn all the right skills and knowledge for teaching jobs at college, there’s no replacement for practical experience when building classroom confidence. Another invaluable for students is the skills they can gain as an education intern, which are hugely transferable, so a teaching internship is a great way to spend a gap year.

If nothing else, the best education internships tend to be a lot of fun. With nonprofit internships in education abroad, you get to immerse yourself in ways of life and forge deep connections with local communities. Really there’s no end of reasons to do a teaching internship.

If you’re starting to like the sound of internships in education, keep reading. In this blog, we’ll talk through our best internships for education to give you a full picture on why this is one of our most popular focuses.

What Are the Best Education Internships?

We’re not joking about the popularity of internships in education. Our best education internships also happen to be some of our best summer internships for students, some of our best gap year internships, and some of our best internships. Full stop!

To give you an idea of why that is, here are some of our best internships for education:

1. Special Education Internship in the Philippines

Journey to the Philippines and work alongside experienced educators creating educational plans for special needs students. You’ll join a well-connected organization to support a number of its partners in providing local communities educational programs for children with special needs

This program lets you get to grips with the intricacies of teaching and leading a classroom while also honing essential skills in adaptability, empathy, and relationship-building. It’ll also equip you with a range of skills and experience in caring for people with special needs meaning it’s a great option for those interested in social work too.

2. Education Internship in Peru

Discover the vibrant culture of Peru while expanding your horizons with one of our best education internships in South America. This program lets you experience the challenges and rewards of working as an educator in the rural town of Tomepampa.

Helping students from difficult backgrounds, you’ll learn to adapt teaching methods to meet individual learning styles while fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment. This internship not only offers practical teaching experience in a meaningful context but also equips you with skills in communication and cross-cultural collaboration.

3. Environmental Education Internship in Portugal

Here’s one of our best internships for education and animal welfare. Join an animal sanctuary in Santarem, Portugal, where you’ll help spread awareness of animal mistreatment and environmental issues by running workshops in local schools and at the sanctuary.

Collaborating with expert environmentalists, you’ll play a pivotal role in the sanctuary’s community outreach efforts. As you do, you’ll develop skills in program design, facilitation, and community engagement, while deepening your understanding of Portugal’s flora and fauna.

4. Education Program Development Internship in Cambodia

This internship offers a unique opportunity to not only gain comprehensive experience in everything from curriculum development to lesson planning to teaching, it also contributes to valuable sustainable development in Cambodia.

This program places you with a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty and reducing the socio-economic gap in Siem Reap. As an intern, you’ll focus on devising educational programs aimed at lifting children and their families out of poverty. You’ll acquire skills in needs assessment, project management, and curriculum design as you help to create long-lasting social change.

5. Community Development And Education Internship In Brazil

Gain hands-on experience in community development and education, making a tangible impact in a small seaside town and empowering a new generation of conservation leaders and advocates for social justice.

You’ll collaborate with a grassroots organization to design and implement initiatives that empower marginalized groups. As an intern, you’ll teach sustainable practices, support professional development through vocational training, and have the opportunity to design and conduct workshops on social issues. Through this experience, you’ll develop essential skills in community organizing, cross-cultural collaboration, and program evaluation.

6. Education & Youth Development Internship In Ecuador

This incredible opportunity lets you build a well-rounded skill set in education and social work experiencing life and work in a remote village in the Amazonian Rainforest. You’ll join an organization taking a holistic approach to community upliftment and play a key role in providing educational programs to the indigenous Kichwa community of Shandia.

Teaching children of all ages and conducting evening classes for adults, you’ll gain versatile education experience. As a big part of a small team, you’ll have the opportunity to get involved with everything from program development to leading sports camps and public health workshops to overall NGO management, all while making a tangible impact on breaking the cycle of poverty.

7. Female Empowerment Education Internship In Zambia

Champion gender equality and female empowerment with one of our best education internships in Africa. Working as part of a community center in Livingstone, an education intern on this program will contribute to important women’s empowerment projects and make a tangible impact on the community.

Your role will be to develop and run workshops that focus on health education for girls and women, addressing gender disparities in education and promoting access to schooling. You’ll develop skills in mentorship, advocacy, and program development while playing a crucial role in creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

8. Music Teaching Internship In Uganda

Share your talent with an instrument and help uplift communities in Mbara, Uganda, with one of our best internships for education for musicians. This internship not only offers an opportunity to develop your teaching capabilities and musical skills but also allows you to make a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged children and youth.

Join forces with an NGO dedicated to spreading the joy of music in Uganda and work with local teachers to deliver engaging music education programs. From leading one-on-one music sessions to conducting group lessons in communities, churches, and schools, you’ll ignite a passion for music and create a positive atmosphere for growth and learning.

4 Tips to Find Teaching Internship Opportunities

Yes, there is a world of opportunities out there when it comes to education internships. This means the task of finding and choosing the best education internships can be a little overwhelming.

To help you through it, here are some key considerations to factor into your search:

1. Consider Alternative Pathways

One thing to consider when contemplating internships is that the best education internships tend to be with nonprofits, NGOs, or grassroots initiatives. These teaching internship opportunities let you contribute to impactful education programs for a variety of causes including female empowerment, sustainable development, and combatting education.

More than this, an education intern working with a nonprofit, will get opportunities for vertical movement, meaning they get to take on more varied tasks and greater responsibilities. This is true in a lot of internship focuses, but none more so than education.

2. Consider Internships Abroad

There are so many benefits to having international experience on your resume. This lets employers know you’ve well-developed cross-cultural communication, global awareness, independence, and drive. Add that to the benefits of having a nonprofit internship on your resume, and you’re sure to impress any employer.

If that’s not enough to convince you, then you only need to look through some of the best places for education internships. Truly, teaching skills can open up travel opportunities across the globe. We have programs in Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe!

3. Prioritize Your Career Goals

All in all the best internships for education are the ones that best serve your career goals. You can travel around the world and join all kinds of wonderful organizations, but to find the best education internships for you, you need to know what you want.

Having a clear idea of your career goals and the skills you should gain from an internship will help you sift through options as you search. It’ll also help you to make the most of the experience during your internship, too.

4. Reach Out for Advice

Selecting the best education internships takes a lot of thought and consideration, especially when there are so many incredible options out there. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk things through with somebody.

This might be a teacher, professor, or employer who can offer advice on career development. Alternatively, it can be equally valuable to discuss things with friends, family, or someone who knows what’s best for you.

Of course, it’s also a good idea to get expert advice. Get in touch with our team and you’ll have the support and guidance of intern-placing specialists ensuring you find the best education internships for you.

Education Internships with Roots Can Lead to Amazing Teaching Jobs!

The best education internships aren’t just an opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience; they’re a chance to make a meaningful impact on communities around the world. From empowering marginalized groups to promoting environmental awareness, these internships offer a unique blend of personal growth and social contribution.

Take the first step towards your dream teaching internship by reaching out to Roots today. You’ll have access to our vast network of nonprofit partners and have a choice of the best internships for education from around the world.

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