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So, you want to know what to expect from internships in Cambodia? You’ve probably heard about the friendly locals, easy Cambodia visa requirements, and low cost of living in Cambodia. You’re likely aware of the country’s important history and its unique cultures. You can surely imagine the natural beauty of the tropical islands, mountains, and rainforests.

However, you might not know about the incredible internship opportunities in Cambodia. One of the fastest growing countries in Asia, Cambodia has a booming professional landscape that offers exciting opportunities to build knowledge, skills, and experience in a range of industries.

In this blog, we’ll unpack what to expect from an internship in Cambodia, why it’s worthwhile, and suggest where to intern in Cambodia with some of our top internships in Cambodia.

Is it Worth it to Do an Internship in Cambodia?

If you don’t know what to expect from an internship in Cambodia, it might seem like a big leap to take. You might ask if it’s really worth it.

Let us assure you that taking the leap is 100% worth it. Yes, there are challenges involved with internships, but the benefits greatly outweigh them.

The Countless Reasons to Do an Internship in Cambodia

Cultural Immersion – Interning in Cambodia offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich and diverse culture, gaining firsthand experience and understanding of Cambodian society and customs.

Professional Development – Working in Cambodia allows you to develop valuable professional skills in an international setting, enhancing your adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and problem-solving abilities.

Personal Growth – Living and working in Cambodia can be a transformative experience, fostering personal growth, resilience, and a broader worldview as you navigate new challenges and expand your horizons.

Contributing to Positive Change – Many internships in Cambodia focus on sectors such as international development, social work, or environmental conservation, providing the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects and make a positive impact on local communities.

8 Things To Expect From Internships In Cambodia

1. Excellent NGO And Nonprofit Internship Opportunities

One of the first parts of what to expect from internships in Cambodia is that most of the best internship opportunities in Cambodia are with nonprofit, non-governmental, or similarly purpose-driven organizations and projects.

Cambodia boasts a vibrant ecosystem of NGOs and nonprofits addressing various social, economic, and environmental issues. Interns can engage in a wide range of projects, from community development and education initiatives to healthcare programs and environmental conservation efforts.

2. Innovative Impact-Driven Internships

A bi-product of the thriving nonprofit sector in Cambodia is that there is an abundance of remarkable organizations devising innovative solutions to real challenges in the lives of locals.

With an internship in Cambodia, you can join projects that leverage social entrepreneurship programs to teach people with disabilities life skills or holistic education programs to uplift entire families from poverty.

Opportunities in Cambodia are valuable not only for the skills, knowledge, and experience you gain but also for the meaning and purpose they can reveal in your chosen field. This often has a lifelong effect on the shape of interns’ careers.

3. Soft Skill Development

Soft skills are an important part of what to expect from internships in Cambodia in relation to skills and learning opportunities. Cross-cultural communication, global awareness, social conscience, critical thought, creativity, innovation, and adaptability are just some of the skills you can expect to develop.

As they learn to navigate cultural nuances, communicate effectively across language barriers, and adapt to diverse working environments, interns develop a well-rounded skill set, making them valuable employees in any field. Soft skills are often cited as a key factor in long-term professional success. Moreover, they offer greater freedom when exploring job opportunities.

4. International Networking Opportunities

The potential impact and importance of networking is one of our most commonly cited key internship takeaways, and Cambodia doesn’t disappoint here. With a significant expat population and growing digital nomad communities, there are a wealth of opportunities to rub shoulders with professionals and industry experts from all around the world.

Internships in Cambodia offer exposure to a global community of professionals, activists, and scholars. Through collaboration with local and international colleagues, interns build valuable connections that extend beyond their time in Cambodia. These opportunities can lead to collaborations, mentorship, and all kinds of career advancement opportunities down the line.

5. Welcoming Communities

Ask most people what to expect from internships in Cambodia or any trip to Cambodia, and they’ll probably mention the famously hospitable locals. Cambodians are known around the world for their warmth and strong sense of community. Deep connections and lasting friendships with locals should definitely be part of what to expect from an internship in Cambodia.

This is especially true in nonprofit or development work, where interns will work closely with local communities. Interns often find themselves welcomed with open arms by locals and quickly integrate with the community they join, forging meaningful connections along the way.

6. Cultural Immersion Opportunities

Cambodia’s diverse landscape and rich cultural heritage provide interns plenty to do during their downtime. So jam-packed schedules and busy weekends are part of what to expect for an internship in Cambodia.

In addition to working in bustling urban centers like Phnom Penh, interns may have the opportunity to immerse themselves in rural communities, explore ancient temple complexes such as Angkor Wat, or engage with indigenous cultures in remote areas. These experiences offer valuable insights into Cambodia’s history, traditions, and contemporary issues.

7. An Affordable Cost Of Living In Cambodia

Paid internships in Cambodia can be hard to find; fortunately, though, you’ll enjoy an incredibly budget-friendly cost of living in Cambodia. Working out how to finance an unpaid internship is never easy, but in Cambodia, it is one of the most affordable destinations you can choose. This means you can spend downtime during your internship exploring the country without worrying about blowing your bank balance.

8. Simple Travel Logistics

With a well-established tourism industry, Cambodia makes it easy for visitors of all kinds, interns included. It’s also worth noting that the central location within Southeast Asia makes Cambodia a fantastic hub for further travel after your internship.

Cambodia visa requirements are minimal, and once you’re in the country, transport is convenient and cheap, and you’ll find it very easy to find and book the multitudinal adventure and cultural activities available.

4 Internship Opportunities In Cambodia To Consider

1. Mental Health And Physical Development Internship


  • Gain hands-on experience in psychology, social work, or medicine while contributing to community upliftment and social impact in Cambodia, fueled by your passion for making a difference
  • Lead the creation and enhancement of mental or physical care programs to support families breaking the poverty cycle, fostering holistic well-being through creative solutions
  • Collaborate with a dedicated nonprofit in Siem Reap, Cambodia, focused on reducing poverty through education and comprehensive support programs


Siem Reap


2. Technical Support Internship


  • Travel to Cambodia and assist a social impact nonprofit in leveraging software and digital tools to uplift communities by providing comprehensive support programs for children and their families
  • Take on responsibilities such as data processing, report generation, and software training, contributing to social impact while gaining valuable insights and skills in IT infrastructure optimization and data analysis
  • Gain experience using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and providing technical support to ensure efficient utilization of software resources


Siem Reap


3. Communications And Marketing Internship


Gain hands-on experience in marketing and communications while making a tangible impact on the lives of children and families in Cambodia
Work with a nonprofit in Siem Reap, Cambodia, dedicated to community upliftment through integrated programs in education, nutrition, and health, providing comprehensive support to children and families in need.
Develop and execute marketing strategies to boost the organization’s reach and engagement, including content creation for blogs, newsletters, and articles, as well as video editing and social media management to foster growth and engagement.


Siem Reap


4. Education Program Development Internship


  • Join a Cambodian nonprofit to develop impactful educational programs, helping children and families break the cycle of poverty
  • Assist in curriculum development, resource creation, and partnership building with other NGOs
  • Engage in a range of tasks, from teaching classes to conducting research, providing valuable skills for your future endeavors in education and social impact


Siem Reap

Let Roots Guide You In Your Pursuit Of Internships In Cambodia!

So, you know what to expect from internships in Cambodia. Now, a brief word on what to expect from an internship in Cambodia with Roots.

We have a choice of incredible internships in Cambodia, where you can gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience while contributing to exciting, impactful projects. What’s more, you’ll have our support and guidance as you search for, secure, and complete your internship in Cambodia, helping you to focus on making the most of the experience. Get in touch to learn more.

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This blog was written by Tom Rusbridge and edited by Eric Monteres Jamarr Black