Gender Equality Internships in Africa

If you’re passionate about female empowerment, and you’re looking for some practical work experience, join us for a gender equality internship in Africa! As an intern, you’ll join a nonprofit organisation in South Africa, Tanzania, or Zambia. You’ll be part of projects that ensure young girls receive the education and health support they need, or a program that supports female refugees through skill development workshops. Depending on your skills and professional or academic focus, you can work in communications, fundraising, or development. These internships are a great opportunity to develop your skills, contribute to an important cause, and live in a beautiful part of Africa.

Find out more about our female empowerment internships below, or get in touch if you have any questions!


girl empowerment internship

Open for applications

Education Internship, Female Empowerment, Zambia

Min. 8 weeks

Livingstone, Zambia OR Remote

Education, Facilitation, Research

Help develop educational materials to uplifts girls and women in this African community.

Writing internship with GBV Project


Writing Internship with Gender Based Violence Project

Min. 12 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Blog writing, Report and proposal writing

Use your writing skills to contribute to the fight against gender based violence in Cape Town.

Gender Based violence research internship


Gender Based Violence Research Internship

Min. 12 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa

Research, Reporting, Monitoring

Research to provide support to victims of gender based violence in Cape Town.

Gender Equality Internship Cape Town


Gender Equality Internship, Cape Town

Min. 8 weeks

Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote

Research, Communications, Fundraising, Program Development

Help develop structures to support victims, research gender based violence, and assist with digital marketing.

Female Empowerment and Gender Equality Internship

Open for applications

Female Empowerment and Gender Equality Internship

4-12 weeks


Gender Equality, Female Empowerment

Gain work experience with projects that support girls in underprivileged communities.

Female Empowerment Internship

Open for applications

Female Empowerment Internship with NGO

Min. 5 months

Cape Town, South Africa

Business development, communication, coordination

Gain work experience while supporting female refugees through skill development workshops.


If you’re passionate about gender equality, doing an internship specifically in South Africa will help you gain meaningful experience. Gender based violence is its own epidemic in South Africa, with the highest rape statistics in the world. According to one of our partners, there are over 41,000 cases a year, a statistic that has only gotten worse since lockdown. In general, women are underserved members of society, especially due to COVID-19. The women are not only the primarily caregivers and matriarchs of their households, but they have taken on the responsibility of banding together to be leaders in their communities since the pandemic started. Doing an internship with a nonprofit organization that benefits these women will not only give you valuable work experience, but provide meaningful change to the women in these communities.

Brent ninaber Cape Town table mountain
women's empowerment


Cape Town, South Africa
You can join us in Cape Town for one of our many internships focused on improving the lives of victims of gender based violence. You’ll be based on the Southern Peninsula, a stunning area on the outskirts of the city, where you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds; you’ll be a short distance away from Cape Town’s city center, but you’ll be surrounded by beaches, mountains, and a wealth of fun things to do.

As an intern, you’ll help empowering real women make meaningful change by raising awareness of the issue, and supporting campaigns, programs, and doing fundraising and research. All of these internships will let you wear multiple hats, allowing you to work in an incredible setting.

Livingstone, Zambia
We’re excited to offer the opportunity of doing our Female Empowerment and Gender Equality Internship in Livingstone, Zambia. Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River, and just a short drive from the mighty Victoria Falls, Livingstone is a friendly community with picturesque surroundings. You’ll experience rural Africa, while enjoying safaris, river cruises, and visits to the Victoria Falls during time off.

Remote Internships
If you’re interested in doing a remote female empowerment internship, this could be an option too. Check out our Gender Equality Internship, which has the possibility of being fully remote.


How experienced do I need to be for a women's empowerment internship?

Because we have such a wide variety of offerings, we are happy to be able to offer a gender equality internship for all experience levels. Whether you have experience in your own country and are looking for nonprofit work experience abroad, or have never done an internship, we are confident we can find the perfect internship for your skills and goals.

What are the requirements for a women's empowerment internship in Africa?

This depends on the internship you’re applying for. The specific requirements are listed on each individual internship page, so do check this out. But overall, it’s important that you have a flexible attitude and that you’re willing to take on a variety of tasks (as you’ll be part of a small organization).

Where will I stay during my women's empowerment internship?

We’ll arrange comfortable and convenient accommodation for you, both in Cape Town and in Livingstone. You’ll share a house or lodge with other international students, volunteers, or travelers, so that you’ll land in a comfortable social environment. We’ll arrange it all for you – and we’ll meet you at the airport when you arrive, and get you settled in!

How will a women's empowerment internship help my career?

There are so many ways in which an female empowerment internship in Africa can help your career. The most important reason is providing support to an underserved community. Women are leaders in the community and the household, and that takes an emotional and physical toll. Whichever internship you choose, you can be assured you will be an integral member of the team. You’ll likely be wearing multiple hats, depending on the organization you could do fundraising, social media, communication, etc. Your contribution is not only important for the organization and the cause but your work experience is excellent for your resume.

Your internship will easily translate into useful knowledge and experience for very different types of careers. So even if you’re not planning on a career in the nonprofit sector, you can expect to have a resume-building, confidence-strengthening experience that will help you going forward.