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Why do an environmental management internship? There are so many different reasons to do an environmental management internship, it takes a moment to unpack them all.

An environmental management internship could be the start of a career spent protecting our planet. It can take you to the most intriguing and exciting natural settings on Earth, on land and below the sea, and equip you with a toolset to help preserve these precious environments and their inhabitants for future generations. As if that weren’t enough, there are all kinds of personal and professional benefits you can experience along the way.

So, if you’ve ever asked, ‘Should I do an environmental management internship?’, keep reading. In this blog, we’ll explain all the ways an internship in environmental conservation benefits you and your career as well as the planet.

Why Do An Environmental Management Internship?

1. Starting A Career In Conservation

For many, conservation is a calling, and the answer to the question ‘Why is environmental conservation important?’ is painfully obvious. As we grow more aware of the severity of the climate crisis, more and more people, especially among generations, feel drawn towards work in conservation. If you’re one of the many who dream of working in conservation, you’ll likely need little convincing on the matter of why do an environmental management internship.

An environmental management internship provides a valuable opportunity to explore a wide variety of career paths within environmental conservation. This hands-on exploration helps you discover where your true interests and strengths lie and where you best fit in the unified effort to protect our planet.

2. Exploring The Natural World

Similarly, if you’re a nature-lover or an animal enthusiast, the reasons to do an environmental management internship should be fairly clear, especially environmental management internships abroad. Environmental management internships can take you to some of the most beautiful and remote natural areas in the world and let you live and work among nature.

With our programs, you can travel to fascinating countries and witness the true spectacle of nature. We have environmental management internships in Cape Town, South Africa, the rainforests of Costa Rica, the coastlines of the Galapagos Islands, the Savannas of South Africa, and more. What’s more, you’ll get to learn all about the ecosystems and wildlife of these places through your work.

Even if you have not pursued a career in environmental conservation, traveling to these places can be incredibly inspiring. This experience can help you to gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world while contributing to its preservation.

3. Learning About Environmental Issues

Interning in environmental management exposes you to pressing environmental issues such as climate change, deforestation, pollution, water waste, and biodiversity loss. Not only will you gain a comprehensive understanding of these challenges, witnessing them firsthand, but you’ll also learn and participate in the strategies being used to address them.

This knowledge is, of course, crucial for anyone looking to make a significant impact in the field. Developing your understanding and experience of environmental issues and a working knowledge of conservation practices is vital for progressing a career in conservation.

If you’re asking, ‘Should I do an environmental management internship if I’m not pursuing a career in conservation?’, this idea and the knowledge you can gain is important regardless of your field of work. These issues affect all of us, along with all life on Planet Earth. By understanding the complexities of these issues, you can better understand one of the most prescient and universal topics in the world today.

4. Building Your Resume

Having internship experience in environmental management on your resume can give you a measurable step up when pursuing a career in conservation. For many job opportunities, practical experience is mandatory. It demonstrates your commitment and proactive approach to your conservation. Additionally, the skills and knowledge gained during your internship make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.

Moreover, environmental awareness is becoming an increasingly employable skill, regardless of professional field. An environmental management internship, like all internships related to the UN SDGs, shows an understanding of global issues and a belief in your ability to make a difference in the world. Environmental management internships abroad teach a range of skills relating to cultural competency too.

5. Contributing To A meaningful Cause

One of the best reasons to do an environmental management internship is to be involved with something meaningful. Beyond the skills and knowledge you’ll gain, and beyond the career you’re planning, the work you’ll do during an environmental internship matters.

Environmental management internships abroad allow you to travel to vital ecosystems around the world and work to protect them. You may help to preserve the habitat of an endangered species or to reduce the harm done by deforestation or pollution.

Whether you’re planting trees, cleaning up polluted areas, or conducting research, you’ll contribute to projects that have a tangible impact on the environment and your efforts will support global conservation goals. Getting involved with important projects like these and knowing the work you do is helping to protect our planet can give you a profound sense of purpose and achievement.

6. Meeting Like Minded People

This is one of the reasons to do an environmental management internship that is easily overlooked. With the best environmental management internships abroad, you not only join dedicated teams of international experts, but you also engage with local communities and meet other committed interns and volunteers.
Working alongside other passionate individuals who share your commitment to the environment can be incredibly impactful both professionally and personally. Networking within your internship can also lead to future job opportunities and collaborations. Beyond this, between the teams you join and the communities you work with, you could find a close friend too.

7. Challenging Yourself

An environmental management internship will be as challenging as it is rewarding. It will force you to assess your strengths and recognize your weaknesses as you overcome obstacles in your work. It will also be emotionally and mentally testing. It can be a period of significant personal growth.

You’ll face new challenges, adapt to different environments, and gain confidence in numerous different parts of your life. This growth can be just as valuable as the professional experience you gain.

3 Recommended Environmental Management Internships

Reforestation And Biodiversity Internship In Portugal

Join an exciting conservation program in Portugal, aimed at creating a thriving natural environment for native animal and plant species. This internship is perfect for those passionate about forestry, biology, nature conservation, or environmental science. The main project involves reforesting 27 hectares of land around a sanctuary and establishing a diverse ecosystem that supports indigenous flora and fauna, including animals like horses, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and more.

As an intern, you will manage and monitor the forest, develop strategies to enhance biodiversity and conduct wildlife and plant surveys. Additionally, your research will contribute to the organization’s communications and a television show, amplifying the impact of your work.

Research and Nature Conservation Internship In Brazil

Journey to the Itacare region of Brazil with this research where you’ll play a vital role in protecting biodiversity and fostering sustainable change. This program is ideal for individuals with a background in ecology and biology, offering the chance to enhance your research skills, data collection techniques, and potentially get your work published.

Your role as an intern will focus on studying the Mangrove tree populations, mapping habitats, cataloging species, and monitoring the area’s rich biodiversity. Your efforts will not only support the preservation of unique flora and fauna but also safeguard the livelihoods of local communities dependent on fishing and subsistence farming. Living between the Mata Atlantica Rainforest and the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll be surrounded by stunning natural beauty, including secluded beaches, scenic rivers, and breathtaking waterfalls

Master’s Level Conservation Research Internship In South Africa

This advanced internship is designed for Master’s level students seeking in-depth research experience in conservation. This program not only enhances research skills but also provides a platform for contributing to meaningful conservation efforts.

You’ll travel to South Africa’s famous Greater Kruger Park and conduct in-field ecological research on Africa’s most iconic wildlife. Joining an accomplished research facility you’ll engage with a choice of research projects helping nature reserve managers to make informed decisions for their parks. These projects could include monitoring populations of certain species, devising strategies to control invasive plant species, or analyzing data from long-term fixed-point photography.

Launch Your Future Career!

Now you can see there are a wealth of reasons to do an environmental management internship, you shouldn’t need any help answering the questions ‘Why do an environmental management internship?, or, ‘Should I do an environmental management internship?’.

If you are interested in finding an internship in environmental management internship, then look through our range of programs. Roots specializes in connecting passionate individuals with internships that align with their career goals and environmental values, ensuring a meaningful and supportive journey into the world of environmental management. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch.

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