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A Fundraising Internship with an Impact

Choosing Cape Town for a Fundraising Internship

Having recently graduated in Business Economics, it was very important for Lukas to gain more work experience at an organization he was passionate about. That’s how he ended up at Greenpop, an international environmental NGO planting trees and raising environmental awareness on a global scale.

Not only did he want to improve his English skills and apply them in a professional work environment; he also wanted to contribute to something good and be part of a global movement. Tackling climate change and environmental issues is something to do together, which is what motivated him to go here! And – of course – Lukas wanted to experience Cape Town and get to know the South African culture as well.

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Work Experience Behind the Scenes at an NGO

At Greenpop, the vibes were extremely positive! Everyone is supporting each other and Lukas really felt like a respected and valuable part of the team. He also noted that despite his office-based Fundraising internship, he still had a good mix of office work and hands-on work with children and corporate partners.

Another thing he learned about was what it’s like to work at an NGO, and more importantly, how an NGO functions behind the scenes. Being able to contribute to something good and being part of a global movement was an amazing addition to this!


Cape Town: Varying People and Events

About Cape Town, Lukas mentioned that it is an amazing city with a great variety of activities. Hiking, surfing, cultural events, political events, bars, and nightlife – you can find it all in the Mother City! There are many different cultures and influences in the city, giving it a “very specific vibe”, according to Lukas.

He also met many interesting people who have influenced the way he sees the world. It made him understand the diversity of South Africa more and more. He saw what’s behind the different cultures, and that people from the Western world could learn a lot from these cultures. Trying his best to open up to people as much as he could, he got to know the Xhosa culture at least a little. He also loved the laid-back lifestyle of the “Capetonians” – not quite the same as the punctual German culture he’s used to…

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Tips for New Interns

Lukas would advise anyone not to be afraid to open yourself up! There are many interesting people outside of the city center and privileged areas of Cape Town. He’s experienced people in the Cape Flats to be very open-minded, welcoming and warm-hearted. To understand what South Africa is all about, try to get out there and meet new people! Of course, you should still be careful and watch after yourself, wherever you go.

He also recommends bringing some time (and money!) for a long road trip after your internship. It gives you a great perspective and opportunity to discover the whole country or possibly even other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa!

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