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In recent years, being “green” has become synonymous with reducing meat consumption, as livestock leaves quite a considerable carbon footprint. Being healthy and ‘green’ is sometimes difficult, even in the comfort of our own kitchen. This struggle becomes even harder when looking at the menu in a restaurant. We have therefore set ourselves the challenge of finding the ‘greenest’ restaurants in the city of Cape Town. This is also an opportunity to try vegetarian and vegan food.

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Sexy Food

This magical restaurant is the home to the theory that all food should be effortlessly digested. This organic kitchen strives to teach others how to ferment their food, and consequently reduce food wastage. Products on sale include pickle juice brine, fresh alkaline sprouts, miso pastes, and broths, raw rooibos and of course botanical flora! Sexy Food’s own kitchen effortlessly makes a delicious and exciting range of food. This restaurant is a must see, and one to check off your bucket list whilst in Cape Town. Check them out on instagram.

Saucisse Deli

In the heart of Woodstock, hidden away in the Old Biscuit Mill, is a taste of Mediterranean and European style food. Amanda Lewis, the restaurant owner, stated that “We are trying to become model eatery to show other restaurants that it’s easy to make the transition to becoming green”. They are a plastic-free restaurant, and all their packaging is bio-friendly. This is a massive achievement and change for any restaurant and we should all support them! More info:

Scheckter’s RAW

You can find this big, red, healthy heart in Sea Point. The lack of local health food offerings in South Africa frustrated founder Toby Scheckter upon his return from New York. So he created a place where “the food was nutritionally uncompromised, looked as good as it tasted and bursting with original, fresh flavors”. This place is sure to have you on the path to happy and healthy because off it’s imaginative, nutrient-dense eats as well as juice cleansing options.

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These restaurants are famous for providing vegetarian and vegan options. It is sadly not the case for many restaurants in Cape Town that are not specifically vegetarian or vegan. And for those instances when your friends invite you to a non-vegan or non-vegetarian restaurant. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Look up the restaurant and menu online beforehand

2. Learn your codes – look at the codes given on the menu to reassure yourself what is and isn’t vegan or vegetarian

3. The food at most restaurants can easily be made vegetarian, so politely ask your waiter if they can alter it for you

4. If they do not provide your dietary requirements then you can always get creative with the side orders