University Partnerships for Internships in Africa

At Roots, we offer academic internships at nonprofits and social enterprises in Africa, creating the perfect balance between meaningful work and valuable academic learning.

We partner with faculties around the world and tailor-make our internship programs to your students’ desired learning outcomes and skill-sets. Through these long-term partnerships, we can ensure to meet your students’ needs. Get in touch to find out more!

What we offer your faculty:

  • High value internships with a wide range of academic focus areas, customizable your faculty
  • Internships with flexible starts dates throughout the year, including the summer months
  • Assistance with finding accommodation and logistical support on the ground
  • An evaluation process with students during their internship
  • Feedback reports and reference letters
  • Academic guidance by local lecturers

The academic focus areas we cover:

Business development, marketing, social entrepreneurship, psychology, creative writing, journalism, communications, media, industrial design, economics, graphic design, photography, gender equality, social development, sociology, horticulture, environmental management, urban greening, nonprofit management, fundraising, engineering, international development, pedagogy

We’d love to talk to you about establishing a partnership! Get in touch.

University partners             University partners

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