Being proud to see a lot of happy faces at an event.

We’ve met the Interns Lisa and Anton. Both are from Germany and both did an Event Production Internship with Greenpop. But their backgrounds are quite different. Lisa finished her UG degree in International Business Management. She worked as an administrator in a youth center before joining Greenpop. Anton finished his high school degree. He felt the need to take some time off to help out and gain diverse experiences abroad. After they spent a few months with Greenpop, we asked them seven questions about their time and experiences in South Africa.

1. What triggered you to come to Cape Town and why this organization?

Lisa: I heard about Greenpop a few years ago and was fascinated by their sustainability approach to events! I wanted to go intern for them after graduating from school, however, I never got the chance to back then so I decided to do it now – fresh out of university!
Anton: I always wanted to go to Africa and South Africa is a good country to start with. My main goal was learning more about myself and Cape Town has the right mentality to do so. My parents were in South Africa for holiday and found out about Greenpop through a tour guide and recommended it to me. I applied for the internship with Greenpop because I am interested in plants, the environment, connecting with people. Additionally, I wanted to learn more about the effect of colonization on nature and the landscape of South Africa.

2. What were your main tasks during your Event Production Internship?

Lisa:  I was mainly tasked with administrative jobs, meaning the liaison with schools and universities, organizing school talks, facilitating school camps etc. I also worked on bigger projects such as a big proposal for an event in 2019 and the stage management at Platbos Reforest Fest.
Anton: I focused on the actual production of the events. My main tasks were sorting, organizing and fixing various electronics, getting the hardware side of events together and ready as well as doing errands.

Event Production Internship    Event Production Internship    Event Production Internship

3. What made you most proud in the past months?

Lisa: Solo managing the stage at Platbos Reforest Fest, keeping our schedule on time and ensuring that all artists, guests, and crew had a good time was my favorite task. I’m always proud when I see a lot of happy faces around me at an event, knowing that I have contributed to that in my own ways.
Anton: Platbos reforest fest set-up and taking over big tasks in production and handling them well at the festival.


4. What have been challenges since joining Greenpop?

Lisa: Being an intern for Greenpop and living at the loft apartment means that you are almost constantly surrounded by the same people – feel free to take some time for yourself and clear your head from time to time!
Anton: Being almost left alone over the Christmas holiday because all the other interns left. Further, working 9-5, which I was not used to before. Working on admin and spreadsheets has been a little challenge for me as well.

5. What are you going to miss most?

Lisa: Definitely the team! Greenpop is like a family that you instantly become a part of when you enter the office on your first day. Everybody is super encouraging and supportive and I’ll take that spirit of community back home with me.
Anton: I will miss the nice working environment, the coworkers who are keen to help with any question and the open nursery Tuesdays, especially the contact with strangers there. I like their curiosity and willingness to help the environment.

6. What’s different about South Africa compared to your home country?

Lisa: People are very welcoming and true to their own spirit here. Cape Town has a ‘live and let live’ culture that I really enjoyed!
Anton: The relaxed lifestyle, the being close to Mother Earth mindset, overall positivity and the weather!

7. Would you recommend friends to volunteer with Greenpop and why?

Lisa: Sure would! It’s a small team doing great work, so each and every person matters as much as the projects they are working on. And you support an amazing environmental cause by volunteering/interning for Greenpop.
Anton: Yes, because I had so many great moments with Greenpop! Also, organizing the Event Production Internship via Roots was helpful as they have a vast amount of meaningful internships and the support Roots gives is enough to prepare everybody.

Anton and Lisa definitely made the right decision to come to the Mother City and to intern with Greenpop. After all, they became valuable team members, which contributed a lot to the Organization and got back the opportunity to grow in so many ways. 


Event Production Internship    Event Production Internship