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Are you looking for a place to write your research? Or just interested in doing a Research Internship about a topic related to your field of studies? We’d love to help you out! Roots works with many nonprofit organizations in Africa. They could always use your advice in the form of a research report! Let’s explore the experience of one of our previous research interns.

Roy studied Bio-Inspired Innovation in the Netherlands. He joined Greenpop for five months for a Research Internship. Therefore, he researched ways to filter greywater for the purpose of fynbos irrigation. He came up with a filtration system that mimics a wetland ecosystem. And the coolest thing is that the system is still in use with Greenpop today!

Find your dream research internship now. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then feel free to contact us. Let’s explore the options together and make an impact now!

Roots Interns - GYTA 2019 winner badge - WYSTC

On Winning a WYSTC Award – and Loving What We Do

We believe that learning and doing good can go hand in hand, which is why we create meaningful internships with nonprofit organisations in Africa. We absolutely love what we do, and that’s why it meant so much to us to be recognized by the WYSTC by winning a Global Youth Travel Award in the category of Extraordinary Experience!

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Research Internship in Cape Town

Research Internship in Cape Town: Assessing bio inspired Ways to filter grey Water

Roy’s studies requires students to engage in two research projects. He decided that he wanted to go to Cape Town for his Minor and got in touch. After some extensive back-and-forth messaging they agreed on a project. He would do a five months research on ways to filter so-called grey water for the purpose of fynbos irrigation.

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Intern abroad in Cape Town

Meet the Intern: Robert, Research Intern in Cape Town

Robert, a Dutch student of International Land and Water Management at the Wageningen University,  came to Cape Town for his thesis research with non-profit organization Greenpop. Even though his Research internship in Cape Town is slightly different from the common internships, this organization offered him everything he needed. He’s now looking back on his time in Cape Town.

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