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NGO Management Internship

How to Find the Right Internship in Africa

Dreaming of Africa for your internship but don’t know where to start looking? It’s a big continent, and we understand that it can be intimidating to start your search for the perfect work placement. Here are some tips to help you begin your search for the right internship in Africa!

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Hannah VInckers Communications Intern Greenpop Cape Town

My Six Month Communications Internship with Greenpop

Inspired by their Eden Festival of Action, Hanna reached out to Greenpop to do a Communications Internship for her schooling. Moving to a new city and country for six months was intimidating, but she found a way to make it feel like home.

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Interns Cape Town - Tom Vinke

My Incredible Communications and Marketing Internship in Cape Town

Tom Vinke did a 20-week internship with Roots Interns, which allowed him to experience all of the organisations that Roots works with. This insight into the non profit sector was very valuable for Tom. Read about his time in Cape Town!

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NGO Internships in Africa - making an impact

Our Impact

Internships that matter: that’s what Roots Interns offers. But does this mean? Are interns able to make a lasting impact, and if yes, how do our interns and partners experience this in practice? Read more to find out how your internship can not only leave a lasting impression on yourself, but can actually impact the direction of the organisation you intern for.

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Auriane NGO Management Internship Kruger National Park South Africa

My First Experience Abroad in an NGO Management Internship

Auriane had never gone on a solo trip abroad, so when she found out she needed to do an internship, she figured it was the perfect time to venture out of her home country solo. Root’s Interns helped her find the perfect internship for learning and adventure.

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Ubuntu Wall in Ubuntu Center

Helping at a Day Care Center in Cape Towns’ Township

Communication and marketing Intern Tom joined for a day at the Ubuntu Center in Masiphumele. He got to learn the meaning behind the name of Ubuntu, the work it does within the township, and the challenges they face. He met the Mama’s, interns and volunteers that, with huge passion and love, support the projects and help many children to start building on a meaningful future.

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fynbos for the future

How can you add Value in your Nonprofit Internship?

Interns have always been a vital part of Greenpop, an environmental NGO in Cape Town. Recently Greenpop has introduced a new project called Fynbos for the Future…a good chance to find out how the interns have impacted the project.

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find an internship

6 steps to find the right Internship abroad

You want to do an internship? That’s great! There is a whole world open to you which means there are many options and opportunities. However, it also means you have to find and choose between all these options. It can be difficult, especially if you are at the very first “I want to do an internship” phase. As a Communications and Marketing Intern with Roots, I did my fair share of research into the questions and problems students are facing when searching for an internship abroad…

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finance unpaid internship

How to finance an unpaid NGO Internship

You have made the decision to do an international internship with an NGO. You understand the value that this important educational experience will provide to you in terms of expanding your career potential and your personal development. So what’s standing in your way? The answer may be money. Freaked out? Don’t be! Here’s how you can finance your unpaid internship.

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