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We’re excited to offer Media Internship opportunities with NGOs in Cape Town. If you study journalism, graphic design, photography, or a related creative field: this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

Our internships offer valuable experiences in areas such as content writing, creative writing, graphic design and media production. Besides, they are often tailor-made to your skill set and desired learning outcomes.

Our media internships are with NGOs and social enterprises, so you will be making a difference on a grassroots level. Additionally, you’ll get to explore a stunning part of the world, and be part of a large community of interns from all around the world!

Read about our opportunities and apply now for your favourite Media Internship in Africa.

Digital Butter Johannesburg South Africa Marketing Communication

Partner Profile: Digital Butter

Digital Butter is a digital marketing organization in South Africa, helping its nonprofit partners engage with their fans and spread what they are doing. Check out their partner profile to read more about this amazing organization.

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Interns Cape Town - Tom Vinke

My Incredible Communications and Marketing Internship in Cape Town

Tom Vinke did a 20-week internship with Roots Interns, which allowed him to experience all of the organisations that Roots works with. This insight into the non profit sector was very valuable for Tom. Read about his time in Cape Town!

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Christina video internship in Cape Town

Video Internship in South Africa: an amazing learning experience

Christina preferably wanted an internship where she could use video to make an impact and tell stories. Creating awareness through a video. We found an opportunity with environmental nonprofit Greenpop. But now she had to choose between two months of pro bono work with a small nonprofit in South Africa or doing an internship with a big, international intergovernmental organization…

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media internship videography

Behind The Scenes: A Media Internship with an NGO in Cape Town

Media has a huge influence on our lives today. Different from the corporate world, NGO’s make use of the Media to raise awareness about certain issues and bring across change. We wanted to learn about the impact you can make as a Media Intern with a non-profit and sent our very own Communications and Marketing Intern to job-shadow Christina for a day. She is doing a Videography Internship and is working on a special project right now…

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Videography Internship South Africa_teaser

Motion Design and Videography Intern at an Environmental Festival

Ina contacted Roots Interns looking for an NGO internship opportunity where she could use her Motion design (Motion graphics, animation, and design) skills. She is a South African but grew up in Swaziland and is currently studying in the United States at Ringling College of Art and Design. The internship is part of her studies and we found a Media internship for her with environmental nonprofit Greenpop. In this blog post, she shares her experience with us.

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Internship Cape Town

First Impressions of my Internship in Cape Town

Julia came to South Africa one week ago to do an Internship in Marketing and Communications with Roots after she finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Media Science back home in Germany. Being new always involves a lot of exciting impressions and feelings, which she would like to share with you in her first blog post.

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Videography and photography internship

Reflections on a Videography and Photography Internship in Cape Town

Following her passion for photography and videography, American students Tristyn Page decided to do a summer internship in Cape Town with environmental NGO Greenpop. Here’s how she experienced her time in the ‘mother city’.

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Meet Our Interns: Katja, Videography Intern at Greenpop

Katja joined the Greenpop team as a photography volunteer in 2015 for Greenpop’s annual Platbos Reforest Fest. With her background in television journalism and her history with Greenpop, she was the perfect fit for this Videography Internship.

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media internship in cape town

Meet Our Interns: Alec, media internship Cape Town

Alec is a media intern in Cape Town for NGO Greenpop. He produces short films for promotion and eco-education and takes photos for Greenpop events and activities. He even took over their Instagram account one weekend to document a sand dune trip with other local filmmakers and photographers.

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