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Two interns in Greenpop office

Why go Abroad for your Marketing Internship?

Many Marketing students have to do an internship at some point. But when the time comes to find an internship, it might still be hard to decide where you want to go. Maybe you already considered going abroad, but if you’re still doubting, read further to find out five reasons why going abroad for your Marketing internship is a great idea.

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Interns Cape Town - Tom Vinke

My Incredible Communications and Marketing Internship in Cape Town

Tom Vinke did a 20-week internship with Roots Interns, which allowed him to experience all of the organisations that Roots works with. This insight into the non profit sector was very valuable for Tom. Read about his time in Cape Town!

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Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town_teaser

Reflections on my Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town

Denver was looking for an internship as he wants to travel, engage but also do something useful at the same time. With his background in Film, Media, and Art it should be possible to volunteer his time while getting some practical working experience at the same time. Roots found the perfect solution. Now, he reflects on his three months with this social enterprise.

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Social Media and Marketing Internship in Cape Town_teaser

Getting actively involved during a Social Media and Marketing Internship in Cape Town

Amy has a love for media and writing, lives in Cape Town and wanted to know what it’s like to really be actively involved in her home town. And also to be more conscious and a worthwhile part of the country. The Social Media and Marketing Internship with Greenpop turned out to be the perfect opportunity for her.

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NGO Summer Internship

NGO Summer Internship combining nonprofit Working Experience with a visit to Africa

Going abroad for many people is an opportunity to not only gain valuable working experience but also to explore another part of the world. Before finishing his study International Management Alberto wanted to experience working in the nonprofit sector.  At the same time, he was really keen to visit Africa. The Marketing and Fundraising Internship with Penda fulfilled both wishes.

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Communication and Event Marketing Internship

Communication and Event Marketing Interns in Action!

Julia, our very own Communications and Marketing Intern, joined the Greenpop team during their Platbos Reforest Fests. She assisted Greenpop with welcoming all festival goers, handing out snacks during the plant days and lots of other things. It made her wonder what it takes for Greenpop’s Marketing and Communications Department to organize this festival. Here’s what she discovered.

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Internship Cape Town

First Impressions of my Internship in Cape Town

Julia came to South Africa one week ago to do an Internship in Marketing and Communications with Roots after she finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Media Science back home in Germany. Being new always involves a lot of exciting impressions and feelings, which she would like to share with you in her first blog post.

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Marketing and fundraising non profit internship Cape Town

Meet Gaia, Marketing and Fundraising Intern in Cape Town

Gaia from Milan reminisces about the hardest but best decision of her life – an internship for an NGO in inner-city Cape Town. In the end, she decided to go for a Marketing and Fundraising internship at Penda. This non-profit organisation is a young social enterprise that uses photography to both create amazing experiences and to generate positive change around the world. We asked her about her experience these past few months.

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Intern in Cape Town

Reflections of a Fundraising and Marketing Intern in Cape Town

Italian student Irene Gianotto spent the past months with Penda as a Marketing and Fundraising Intern. As part of both with Penda Photo Tours, a photography travel company, and Penda Trust, its aligned photography NGO, Irene was able to get involved in a wide range of areas, with a particular focus on marketing research, content marketing, and fundraising. Here is how she experienced her stay in Cape Town.

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