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Join us in South Africa, Zambia, or Tanzania to gain valuable on-the-ground work experience as a Fundraiser for nonprofit organizations. A Fundraising Internship in Africa will give you a good idea of how NGOs operate. You will be a vital part of a small organization doing grassroots work!

You will learn more about the international fundraising landscape. Besides, you will gain practical experiences in areas such as grant writing, individual giving, and corporate fundraising.

Therefore, this is an awesome way to get valuable work experience and contribute to a worthwhile environmental or social cause at the same time. You’ll also get an opportunity to live and work in beautiful Africa!

Apply for your favourite Fundraising Internship in Africa now. Read more about the experiences of our previous interns. Then, let us help you to find your perfect match!

fundraising internship greenpop cape town

Gaining Work Experience with my Fundraising Internship in Cape Town

Having recently graduated in Business Economics, it was very important for Lukas to gain more work experience at an organization he was passionate about. That’s how he ended up at Greenpop, an international environmental NGO planting trees and raising environmental awareness on a global scale. Read more about his experiences.

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Girl reading book from library the bookery

Partner Profile: The Bookery

Roots Interns works with many amazing nonprofits and social enterprises with ethical and sustainable practices. These are all organizations that are adding valuable contributions to community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. Today we’re highlighting The Bookery, a library nonprofit aiming to put a library in every public school in South Africa.

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Mallorie Davis Psychology Internship Projekt Ubuntu Cape Town South Africa

Current Openings for Internships in Africa

Don’t stress about finding a last minute internship placement abroad, we have you covered. We have placements open starting in January 2020. We’ll even help you prepare for your trip so you can enjoy the holidays instead of stressing about your travel to Africa!

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NGO Management Internship

How to Find the Right Internship in Africa

Dreaming of Africa for your internship but don’t know where to start looking? It’s a big continent, and we understand that it can be intimidating to start your search for the perfect work placement. Here are some tips to help you begin your search for the right internship in Africa!

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Charlotte Wager with children at Firefly Uganda

Why my Internship Placement in Uganda was the Time of my Life

Charlotte spent her summer making an impact as a Fundraising intern for Firefly Uganda, a nonprofit working on both social and environmental issues. Now, she reflects and shares all of her experiences with us. Read further for more about her internship placement in Uganda.

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Eefje_Fundraising Internship in Cape town

Charged with new Energy after my NGO Fundraising Internship in Cape Town

It’s never to late to take a break or temporarily give up you settled and safe live to go abroad. That’s exactly what Eefje from the Netherlands did. She took a few months unpaid leave to do an NGO Fundraising Internship with environmental nonprofit Greenpop in Cape Town and came back with a renewed energy to find her dream job.

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Communications and Fundraising Internship in Cape Town

A new Adventure: Communications and Fundraising Internship in Cape Town

When Hélène left Belgium to begin a new adventure in Cape Town, she always knew it would be a big experience. And it turned out to be more than that. Her Communications and Fundraising internship in Cape Town at Sunshine Cinema taught her valuable things on a professional and personal level. This whole adventure has been a major life changing experience for her.

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Daphne_Communications internship_teaser

Two passions, one Internship: Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship in Zambia

As part of her Master’s degree in Business Communication, Daphne from Belgium had to do a compulsory internship. After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to do her internship in Zambia. Combining two of her biggest interests – animals and marketing – was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she could not pass up on. Now, she shares her experiences with us.

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fundraising internship in south africa

An Interview with a Fundraising Intern in South Africa

We checked in with Harold, who did a Fundraising Internship in Cape Town, South Africa. He worked with Greenpop, an environmental NGO that focuses on tree planting and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Harold, who is a student from France, told us about his internship experiences in an interview…

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