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NGO Management Internship

How to Find the Right Internship in Africa

Dreaming of Africa for your internship but don’t know where to start looking? It’s a big continent, and we understand that it can be intimidating to start your search for the perfect work placement. Here are some tips to help you begin your search for the right internship in Africa!

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Intern at Platbos

Hendrik’s Event Management Internship in Cape Town

Hendrik decided to take a year off and gained valuable working experience during his event management internship at an environmental NGO in South Africa. Together with a passionate and energetic team, he spent weeks with preparations for his absolute highlight: helping to set up and execute Africa’s biggest Reforest festival.

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fynbos for the future

How can you add Value in your Nonprofit Internship?

Interns have always been a vital part of Greenpop, an environmental NGO in Cape Town. Recently Greenpop has introduced a new project called Fynbos for the Future…a good chance to find out how the interns have impacted the project.

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food security internship in africa

A Food Security Internship for more nutritious School Meals

We checked in with Caroline, a Food Security and Urban Farming Intern with Urban Harvest in Cape Town. During the day we’ve spent with her, we had a glimpse into her meaningful work but also saw the challenges she is facing while trying to make an impact.

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Urban Farming Summer Internship in Cape Town

Reflection on a Food Security and Urban Farming Summer Internship in Cape Town

Do you use your summer to relax and go on holiday or do you prefer to make a difference? For Brij doing his summer internship in Cape Town was a great way to integrate with the community, get gardening experience and be involved in education. Now, with his Food Security and Urban Farming Internship coming to an end, he looks back on his experience in South Africa.

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Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town

Photo Report of an Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town

South African Ntombenhle had been working with organic smallholder farmers in food security and climate change adaptation for her Masters’ research to ensure sustainable food production. But now she was looking for an internship to get more hands-on experience. The Food Security and Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town was the perfect opportunity for her. We asked her to give us an impression of her daily work.

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Vincent’s amazing year with Urban Harvest

Vincent did a long-term volunteer work placement with Urban Harvest and introduced plant-based water filters at local schools in Cape Town. Now his time is coming to an end and he will go back to France. Vincent will be hugely missed by the whole team. Read his story here.

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Organic Farming Interns

Urban Farmer for a Day

I am Anna, Communications and Marketing intern at Roots, joining John and Joli for a day at Urban Harvest. This organization installs, maintains and supports organic food gardens in the city. They teach and educate people to grow own, fresh and healthy food at home. I am interviewing the Organic Farming interns and gather interesting insights about their weekly schedule, daily tasks, and experiences. Read their exciting story here.

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Horticulture Internship

Growing the Eco Education Hub during your internship with Greenpop

Andrea, Deon and Steven did a Urban Farming, Eco-Education and Horticulture internship with non-profit Greenpop, an organisation that makes an impact on the environment. The program with kids’ eco education, tree care, food gardening and more inspired them throughout their time in Cape Town. Read more about their personal experiences here.

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