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Have an impactful summer by doing a nonprofit internship!

With summer approaching, it’s the perfect time plan how you’ll spend these few months. And if you’re looking to spend them in a valuable and meaningful way, we have some exciting opportunities for you: nonprofit summer internships in Africa! It’s a great way to gain work experience, build your CV, contribute to a worthwhile cause, and have an interesting travel experience at the same time.

At Roots Interns, we offer internships with do good organisations in Africa. They are programs with a variety of causes; from humanitarian and female empowerment to animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and environmental management. All of the organizations do impactful work on a grass-roots level, and you can be part of these causes by joining us during a summer internship.

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Gender equality Internship Livingstone

The academic focus areas of the nonprofit internships are wide-ranging; you can focus on marketing, NGO management, fundraising, social work, education, environmental management, and much more. Whether you’re looking for overall experience in nonprofit management, or something as specific as event coordination, we can offer you an internship that will suit your skills and academic focus.

As an intern, you’ll gain valuable work experience, while contributing to the important work that is happening at a grass-roots level in Africa; a beautiful offshoot of mutual growth. Just get in touch with us for some personal advice!

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What other interns say

You cannot really plan your day here, sometimes dogs, pups and cats arrive so you have to change your whole schedule - which makes it absolutely not boring. I don’t really have a schedule here, I just take the day as it comes. It doesn't even feel like I'm working, I would do it as a hobby. We’re still building an NGO, properly, and I feel like I’m really helping out - so I’m happy to be here.

Daphne, Belgium, Animal Welfare Fundraising Internship in Livingstone-Zambia

Before doing this Creative Writing Internship, all my writings were academic. Writing blog posts allowed me to explore my capabilities regarding more creative forms of writing and I got to understand the importance of storytelling in marketing. I also learned a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which I feel is crucial for attracting traffic to any organization’s website.

Abdul, Syria, Creative Writing Internship in Cape Town-South Africa

That day, we planted a whole fynbos garden at a primary school. Seeing the kids advocating for their garden and seeing their future belonging so much to nature, was definitely opened my eyes again for all the opportunities we have and all the potential that is out there for a greener and better tomorrow. Each time I watch the video of that project, I am super grateful I was able to participate and engage with all my colleagues and all the kids.

Maren, Germany, Event Coordinator Internship in Cape Town-South Africa

All you need to know is that once you decide to leave for Uganda and take the leap of faith, you will find welcoming people, loving children, also weird animals and wild nature, but it will surely be the experience of your life!

Simona, Italy, Sustainable Development Internship at Banda Island-Uganda

This internship seemed a perfect combination between my previous education (florist) and my current program, food innovation. South Africa seemed far away and foreign. It it was nice to have Roots assisting me with preparations and to have a person to talk to, who replies rather quick.

Caroline, Food Security and Urban Farming Internship in Cape Town-South Africa

My time in Cape Town taught me a lot about different cultures, values, and character traits. However, by far the most important thing to me was how to deal with myself. I learned about my fears, my personal boundaries, and my own values. One of the strengths I developed was taking responsibility and learning to accept things, situations, and people just as they are.

Paula, Germany, Youth Social Work Internship in Cape Town-South Africa

My internship showed me the sort of work environment I most enjoy and am most productive in, which is an important lesson to learn. I spent six months in Cape Town, working with Penda and felt the time was hugely productive for me, personally and professionally. This internship I would recommend to anyone.

Juliana, Content Writing Internship at Photography Organization in Cape Town-South Africa
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