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Let this Project be the Canvas of your Creativity: listen to the Message of Ubuntu and discover your own Interpretation of it

Denver heard from a friend about doing an internship in Cape Town. He was looking for an internship as he wanted to travel, engage, and do something useful. With his background in film, media, and art, he figured he would be able to volunteer his time. Roots found the perfect solution: a Marketing and Communications internship with Projekt Ubuntu. Now, he reflects on his three months with this social enterprise.

Through Roots’ guidance of my interests, I journeyed to Cape Town, South Africa. I had the desire in mind to travel and to engage with other cultures. I also wanted to make use of my pre-existing skills. This internship allowed so much flexibility to do all of that. In the process, it also helped me to grow and find greater understanding in so many aspects of life. I have had the opportunity to engage with a diverse amount of cultures. Besides, I experienced incredible opportunities to develop socially, politically, and economically.

A new Website for this Community Project

I felt that my stay of three months at Projekt Ubuntu was sufficient to collect information for their new website. This was my primary focus during my internship. I created the website through a free program. This way, funds raised can go towards more direct areas of need. The purpose of the website is simply to increase the understanding of Projekt Ubuntu’s history. At the same time, it highlights the incredible things achieved here through the community and people helping each other.

Working on the Project in the Community

Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town_1

Between working on the website and loving Cape Town life, I found myself volunteering at the township of Masiphumelele. Here, I had the chance to teach and have a lot of fun with the children and others at the projects. Volunteering is a crucial aspect of this internship. It helps to understand and feel how meaningful being included in this work can be.

My three months of work were fueled through the everyday love and appreciation received down in the township. It also evoked a sense of responsibility towards new volunteer members. Working at the projects is a massive source of inspiration and motivation that carried me through my stay at the projects and my accommodation Yoga Shala.

The projects I refer to are Edu-cares, all separate and unique from one another with different struggles and achievements, yet share a warmth in their welcome and overwhelming projection of happiness and high energy. The Edu-cares have far from the teaching resources, materials and structure that a nursery in comparison to home would have but in circumstances like this we should not be so quick to judge how little a person has in materialistic things but how far they have come with so little. I particularly realized this through learning the past and present state of my morning project of ‘Kiddies corner’ where I was originally placed.

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Being inspired in so many Ways

Marketing and Communications Internship in Cape Town In my time here I have communicated with the people behind and on scenes of the projects. I have been inspired by many to create fundraisers, documenting & assisting in renovations and setting up social accounts. Social media is a platform of shared stories and events and at Projekt Ubuntu, there are so many stories untold, with that said this internship is at the beginning of an exciting time. With so much space available for imagination and the encouragement to increase the online social coverage and expand globally online as it has in our home of Yoga Shala – which accommodates people of all ages from across the world who have taken an active part.

I would say overall Projekt Ubuntu is in its early development for interns, which is a wonderous time to be a part of the journey. I strongly believe that more and more interns working here could be the next level to even greater accomplishments. The outcome of how brilliant this experience can be results in how much engagement you put into it. With a large amount of freedom to see what you can create, whether it be a documentary, blog writing, or fundraising events, you can really let this project be the canvas of your creativity, and with the intent being that you are here to support, stand as a good representation, a contributor not a saviour and prove to yourself what you are capable of and lastly; to listen to the message of ubuntu and discover your own interpretation of it.

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Cape Town Intern Life

Having just ended my three month internship working at the community project of Ubuntu, I am writing this evaluation piece on the way to Afrika Burn, a festival inspired by the ‘Burning Man of the US. I am driving up with artists and musicians of Afrikhayalethu from the community who have taught me how to sew and show ways of creating art through recycled materials and I will be filming their performances and setting up the themed camp of art with them. An amazing opportunity introduced to me through working at Projekt Ubuntu because of the founders of this social enterprise.

Overall, this internship has been an overwhelming experience of emotions. I have made friends globally through living at the accommodation of Yoga Shala. A beautiful house with an amazing landscape outside of the city. Being located far from the city at first made me skeptic of whether there was enough to do in the area, which was never the case. I have hiked, I have overdosed on gorgeous sunsets, eaten greatly in a variety of markets and have never known of one place to have such a great number of beaches to choose from. The work that is being done at Projekt Ubuntu is incredibly inspirational and admirable. Standing not as a charity but a social enterprise it shows the beauty of what we can achieve together as humanity by simply just helping one another, which is the message of Ubuntu that they/we wish to ‘projekt’ anywhere and everywhere.

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