Roots Interns works with many amazing nonprofits and social enterprises with ethical and sustainable practices: all organizations that are adding valuable contributions to community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. Today we’re highlighting Digital Butter, a digital marketing organization in South Africa. They use their efforts to make a difference with non-profits who need it.


The start of Digital Butter

Digital Butter is ‘officially’ only one year old, but they have already helped lots of amazing nonprofits and clients. When founders Robyn and Richard started doing some pro bono nonprofit marketing projects during their studies, they fell in love with the business and marketing side of nonprofits. The best part: their marketing efforts were translating into more donations, brand awareness, and a bigger following, which directly impacted the communities! They wanted to continue what they were already doing so that they could help more organizations. There we go: the start of Digital Butter.

    Tom Digital Butter

What is Digital Butter all about?

Although they do lots of pro bono work, Digital Butter also helps some awesome businesses. They help businesses and nonprofits find, retain, and engage clients online so that they can grow. Their marketing efforts vary a lot, doing things like creating and implementing strategies, building beautiful websites, creating engaging social media content, and creating a compelling brand. They’ve categorized these efforts into three areas: strategy, branding, and digital marketing. Fun fact: although Digital Butter has always done the pro bono work because they wanted to help out, some of their biggest projects and clients have come through word of mouth from a pro bono client!

Cool Projects they have already done

So, what are these ‘awesome projects’ we’re talking about?! Let’s give some examples…

  • Helping a nonprofit who was building a preschool to secure a lot of money in funding, which went towards eco-friendly toilets which turn waste into fertilizer!
  • Helping a nonprofit to set up a donor management platform, so they can easily interact with and reach their donors when they need to
  • Helping a nonprofit offering accommodation for cyclists during the 947 cycle challenge period, to get the word out about their accommodation

Sounds pretty solid to us!


Humble, Hungry and Smart

Thinking of doing your internship with Digital Butter? Great idea! They are passionate about the work they do and passionate about learning – so you’ll definitely be making an impact. At the same time, they don’t take themselves very seriously and are laid back. According to them, the ideal employee (and intern!) should be humble, hungry, and smart. Wait no longer – check out their awesome internship offering now!

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