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Roots Interns works with many amazing nonprofits and social enterprises with ethical and sustainable practices. These are all organizations that are adding valuable contributions to community programs, conservation efforts, or local and green economies. Today we’re highlighting The Bookery, a library nonprofit aiming to put a library in every public school in South Africa.

Books for Every Learner in South Africa

Since starting in 2010, The Bookery has already set up 82 school libraries in Gauteng, Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa. They aim for well-stocked libraries with age-appropriate books and other resources. Paid, effectively trained and well-supported librarians or library assistant make sure everything goes smoothly. They want to open 15 more libraries in 2020 and are also looking to expand to other provinces in South Africa!

They have a very specific process that they like to stick to when opening a library. First, they sign a three-year contract with the school for a library project. Initially, that library is fully supported by The Bookery. Over the course of three years, the ownership is handed over to the school. The library assistants are paid and trained by The Bookery but after those three years, they will be paid by the school. However, they still have (bi-)monthly meetings where they receive training from The Bookery.

The Bookery also organizes principal meetings every year. That way, they can get feedback from the schools, while also giving the schools more tips to keep the libraries working well.

Apart from all of this, they are also focusing on increasing the digitalization of the libraries by adding kindles, laptops, etc. This will help keep the libraries fully functional and easier to expand over time!

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Internships at The Bookery

Want to do an internship at The Bookery? There are three available ones! Go for an Event Management internship! Fill your days planning and coordinating fundraising events, annual events for brand awareness, or events to keep the libraries functional. You’ll also be working with the fundraising team and communicating with partners!

Fundraising interns at The Bookery assist with proposal writing for grants, coming up with fundraising initiatives, researching new fundraising opportunities, and more. A great chance for you to make an impact in children’s lives by giving them the magic of reading!

As a Marketing and Communications intern, your tasks include managing the Bookery’s online presence. That could mean maintaining social media accounts and creating and publishing online content.

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Office Culture in Woodstock

The Bookery’s head office is based in Cape Town and has a very informal vibe. There are plenty of books since this is also where they keep the stock and catalog the books. You will always see volunteers and interns helping out. If you’re keen to get more hands-on, there is always something to be done!

The first months of the year, The Bookery spends a lot of time writing funding proposals, while from April onwards they generally host more fundraising events. They don’t have strict office days/hours, which means you can absolutely work from home or your favorite cafe from time to time!

Twice a month, the Bookery team has a team lunch or dinner to have fun and chat about how it’s going. Near their office in Woodstock are plenty of shops and places to go for a drink or lunch, so you can always enjoy yourself and take a nice coffee break!

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