A passion for making films and photos led him to the Media Internship in Cape Town

Alec has always shown an interest in cameras. “I used to go out in my backyard into the woods with my friends and shoot little films, then go back and see what I could do with the footage. I’m very much a “gear head” in the sense that I love camera gear and I love learning how it works. I do anything that has to do with cameras. Making films, taking photos, I love it all.” His interest in film led him to discover Greenpop. “I saw one of their videos online and thought it was very well done. I looked into applying to volunteer [for Greenpop’s Festival of Action] in Zambia and then I saw they had intern positions available.” So I first joined this festival in Zambia and then traveled south for my media internship in Cape Town.

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Video on how to plant a tree

Since his arrival, Alec has been busy on various projects for Greenpop. His favorite having been filming and editing a  video on how to plant a tree. “There were a lot of moving elements that had to go into it. I learned how to do things in video editing that I’ve never done before and it was a fun learning experience.”

Overall, Alec says that his time interning at Greenpop has had an effect on him. “I’ve gotten to learn about leading a green life even more and I’ve progressed my skills as a filmmaker and photographer.” At only 17, Alec is already an accomplished photographer and filmmaker. He’s serious about film and photography and has produced fantastic work. Visit his website www.alecilstrupmedia.com or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand Youtube.

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Alex took the following photographs during a tree monitoring day with Greenpop.  

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