How Jeremy Loops got Helen to do creative writing and getting her hands dirty!

Helen was working two positions at the University of Cape Town and helped run an environmental health research project testing air pollution around the city of Cape Town. She waited an entire year after accepting her position as a Communications and PR Intern so that she could really dedicate her time to the social enterprise.

Jeremy Loops was my inspiration for Greenpop

I heard about Greenpop when I was at Varsity, and Jeremy Loops (one of the founders of Greenpop!) played a gig. I have been in awe of the company ever since! It made me so happy to hear that I was accepted as a Communications and PR intern. I waited an entire year before coming through so that I could finish up my other jobs and give it my all. My main tasks were managing the Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts, and the Greenpop blog. I specifically enjoyed the Instagram account, it was so interesting learning how to create content!

Many lessons learned by this Communications and PR Intern

A typical workday in the Communications department is really just hanging out with amazing people. We are busy and always have loads to do, but make time for small chats and loads of laughs. I can say I now truly understand the power of social media. It produces the best outcomes! My supervisor is the most organized person I have ever met – a lesson I will surely be taking with me. I have learned how to write blogs (check out my blog posts: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3!), building up a website, and managing Instagram. I also learned how important respect in the office is. My supervisors treated me with the utmost respect, and I have learned a lot from them.

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One-of-a-kind company and team

The office is my favorite place, and I will miss everything about it. Greenpop has created a truly unique work environment, that works so seamlessly. Meeting other interns, Friday lunches, my first Plant day, etc. I was also lucky enough to join a team of Greenpoppers to do some pre-Platbos work. That was an experience I will never forget. The Platbos Forest is a truly magical place! No matter what you do at Greenpop, working for this team makes a difference every day. I am so proud to have been a part of it.

Words could never describe how amazing this Communications Team is! If anyone reading this is thinking about a Communications and PR Internship with Greenpop or any other non-profit or social enterprise, DO IT! This company is one-of-a-kind and working with this team and every glorious intern that came through that door was a treat.

Getting your hands dirty

I am a Capetonian! The end of my internship also marks the end of my life in Cape Town, as I am moving to England. The people here have become my friends and they are at the top of my miss-list. I am also going to miss the nursery – what a great place! You can feel the hard work and dedicated eyes that have contributed to its growth. There is something serene and majestic about being at the nursery, and getting my hands dirty just made me feel good.

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