A Communications Intern reflects on her experience working on a massively successful Viral Marketing Campaign

Intention to learn as much as I could

When I first joined the department as a communications intern, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for. I do an International Affairs major recently decided to also study Communications. My intention for this internship was to dabble in a bit of everything in an effort to learn as much as I could. It was through this – working in different areas of communications bit by bit, from social media creation to marketing strategy to writing our newsletter – that I was able to find what I was truly passionate about: marketing campaigns.

Because my internship with Greenpop was longer than most, I had the unique opportunity of getting to work on a marketing campaign in its entirety. From idea creation to implementation to finalization, I was able to learn and actually contribute to every step along the way.

The Got Wood campaign

The Got Wood campaign started out as a joke among the communications team as we were brainstorming ideas for our Arbor Month campaign. We knew we wanted something that made a statement. Whether you loved it or hated it, we wanted to make people think twice. We started to think of campaigns that were iconic, and immediately the Got Milk campaign came to mind. One of my coworkers jokingly said “Got Wood?” and the rest was history. The idea was so simple but so brilliant. Get local change-makers and activists to pose ~nearly~ naked all while raising awareness and funds for trees. We would pair each image with facts about the benefits of trees or the harsh realities of deforestation. Each fact was tied to the line of business that our models were affiliated with.

got-wood_3      got-wood_1      got-wood_2

The campaign going viral

After the idea creation, the real work began. We wrote the copy for each poster, took the photographs, and then launched and marketed the campaign. Although I was just an intern, Greenpop trusted me to not only just be a part of, but genuinely contribute to, each step along the way. I was able to write the copy for each poster, attend and assist at the photoshoot, and help with the marketing strategy and implementation of the campaign.

Originally we released the campaign just on our social media platforms. I shared my goal of wanting this campaign to go viral, so we looked for other platforms to share our content. We posted our campaign on sites such as Bored Panda, Buzzfeed, and Reddit. Although it was a slow beginning for our campaign, eventually it began to get more and more recognition. Before long our campaign had been shared and posted all over the world in countries such as China, Russia, and Brazil.  Thousands of people laughed at, learned about, and shared the content that our small communications team worked so tirelessly on.

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Mean Tweets reply

Despite getting an overwhelmingly positive response to our campaign, we found some naysayers and trolls. In order to laugh last, our models read out some of the comments from their images in a Jimmy Kimmel “Mean Tweets” style. This funny video really was the best way to end an already triumphant campaign. If you’re looking to laugh, I highly recommend watching the video:

Thanks to Greenpop and the trust that they put in me and my work. I can now say that I have worked on a massively successful viral marketing campaign.

To see the full campaign in all its glory, read Greenpop’s blog post on the Got Wood campaign