Amanda looks back on her Content Creation Internship at Earthchild Project

Amanda looks back on her Content Creation Internship at Earthchild Project

Written by: Amanda Norrlander

Photo credits: Amanda Norrlander

A NGO Internship in Cape Town that you will not regret

Environmental NGO’s in Cape Town

I need to start this piece with telling you all, join the Earthchild Project. You will not regret it.

So why am I telling you these rather strong words? Before I arrived in Cape Town I knew little about the organisation. I honestly had never even heard about the Earthchild Project up until three months before I embarked on this extraordinary and love filled journey in August 2016. Through my master’s program in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University in Sweden, I was given the opportunity to do an internship for one semester. I had heard a lot of great things about Cape Town and the large amount of environmental NGO’s in the area so going to the Mother City was truly the right thing to do.

Environmental Education and Content Creation

As an environmental education intern, I have been given the opportunity to attend the environmental lessons in the ECP schools as well as updating lesson plans and developing a workbook together with the Green Team. This workbook will be printed and used in the Living Classrooms from next year on!

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Apart from working with the Green Team, I have taken part in planning and executing Earthchild Project’s 10 th Anniversary Party; conducting interviews with Earthchildren and Living Classroom teachers for communication purposes; posting content on social media and writing blog posts; facilitating icebreakers and various activities with the Earthchildren; joining the hiking club and other outings; photographing ECP events; and so much more. My tasks have gone from high to low.  I have been able to work very independently during this Content Creation Internship, which suits me very well. Since it is a small organisation, there is little time for micro-managing interns so if you are a person who is good at taking charge and independently executing your tasks, this is the perfect place for you!


Passion for the environment and yoga

I am a bit of an environmental nerd and yoga is a passion of mine, which is growing each day. Both of these interests have been given space during this internship. In addition, every Friday there is a Sharing Circle where everyone in the team can share how one feels, what struggles or successes one has, and whatever else comes to ones mind. This is something I have never experienced in a workspace before and I absolutely love it! Earthchild Project has lots of emotional maturity and there is so much honesty and love within the team.

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Cape Town: no way one can be bored

Apart from dwelling deeper into the Earthchild world, I had plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent city of Cape Town as well as traveling all the way to the Eastern Cape. Almost every week I have been taking on my hiking shoes to explore all the beautiful paths and mountains in and around the city. There is also lots of amazing vegan food; interesting dance shows; surfing opportunities; yoga classes; and so much more. There is just no way one can be bored in this city.

I am now back in Sweden since a couple of days due to visa issues but a piece of my heart is still pumping in Cape Town. The warm and inspiring environment the ECP team opened up for me I will forever remember. It’s a fact that I will definitely be back.

Guest blog by Amanda Norrlander