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Do you already know that you will be starting as an intern at one of our many amazing opportunities? Then it’s time to start preparing for your internship! We know it might be overwhelming, but you’re not alone – we are here to help you through the process of preparing.

Feel prepared for your internship by checking out our blog posts. We have a step-by-step internship preparation plan and will guide you through any help you may need. Think of visa information, health insurance, a packing list, and much more.

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internship preparation

A step-by-step preparation plan for an internship in Africa

We all know it can be stressful to make arrangements for an internship abroad. You might not know what to expect and there are so many things you need to think of. To help you out with your preparations we created an easy step-by-step internship preparation plan.

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finance unpaid internship

How to finance an unpaid NGO Internship

You have made the decision to do an international internship with an NGO. You understand the value that this important educational experience will provide to you in terms of expanding your career potential and your personal development. So what’s standing in your way? The answer may be money. Freaked out? Don’t be! Here’s how you can finance your unpaid internship.

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pack for an internship in Cape Town

What to pack for an internship in Cape Town?

A question often asked: ‘What should I pack for an internship in Cape Town?’ To a large extend this depends on the weather and it’s not a joke but Cape Town can have four seasons in a day. We’ll give you some tips

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fun facts about Cape town

12 Fun Facts about Cape Town you didn’t know

In the past few years Cape Town was often voted as one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit. So we are not surprised you and many others are keen to visit this city for holiday or doing an internship. You probably know about its beaches, Table Mountain, Robben Island and beautiful sunsets (and sunrises)…but here are twelve fun facts you probably didn’t know about the Mother city.

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internship abroad

How to mentally prepare for an internship abroad

When you go for an internship abroad there is a long list to prepare yourself. And to make the most of your experience, don’t forget to prepare yourself mentally for the adventure that awaits you. Here are some ways to get started.

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