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If you are thinking of interning abroad, there’s a lot to consider. One of the things that come up often is what your life will be like once you are in your host country. Luckily, we often visit our partner’s interns for a day, which means we have gotten some hands-on experience. And we’re ready to share it with you!

Follow our interns along for a day, as they do the most amazing things. Read about their experiences working on marketing, communications, events production, media, design, fundraising, environmental management, project management, and many other things. Gotten excited? Don’t hesitate to check out our internship opportunities for you!

Ubuntu Wall in Ubuntu Center

Helping at a Day Care Center in Cape Towns’ Township

Communication and marketing Intern Tom joined for a day at the Ubuntu Center in Masiphumele. He got to learn the meaning behind the name of Ubuntu, the work it does within the township, and the challenges they face. He met the Mama’s, interns and volunteers that, with huge passion and love, support the projects and help many children to start building on a meaningful future.

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The Spirit of Ubuntu in a Township in Cape Town

Our Communication and Marketing Intern, Marie, joined Projekt Ubuntu for one day. Projekt Ubuntu is a community project providing resources to the people of Masiphumelele, a township on the outskirts of Cape Town. During her day with the organization, Marie experienced the positive dynamics that shape both the community members and the interns and volunteers.

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food security internship in africa

A Food Security Internship for more nutritious School Meals

We checked in with Caroline, a Food Security and Urban Farming Intern with Urban Harvest in Cape Town. During the day we’ve spent with her, we had a glimpse into her meaningful work but also saw the challenges she is facing while trying to make an impact.

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fundraising internship in south africa

An Interview with a Fundraising Intern in South Africa

We checked in with Harold, who did a Fundraising Internship in Cape Town, South Africa. He worked with Greenpop, an environmental NGO that focuses on tree planting and promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Harold, who is a student from France, told us about his internship experiences in an interview…

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media internship videography

Behind The Scenes: A Media Internship with an NGO in Cape Town

Media has a huge influence on our lives today. Different from the corporate world, NGO’s make use of the Media to raise awareness about certain issues and bring across change. We wanted to learn about the impact you can make as a Media Intern with a non-profit and sent our very own Communications and Marketing Intern to job-shadow Christina for a day. She is doing a Videography Internship and is working on a special project right now…

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fundraising intern

7 Questions to a Fundraising Intern in Cape Town

Paolo from Italy came to Cape Town to discover the non-profit working environment as a Fundraising Intern. We got curious about his impressions and experiences of his time in South Africa. Therefore, we sat down with him for an interview. He told us about the challenges of fundraising and why he felt that his internship offered the perfect balance between life and work.

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Communication and Event Marketing Internship

Communication and Event Marketing Interns in Action!

Julia, our very own Communications and Marketing Intern, joined the Greenpop team during their Platbos Reforest Fests. She assisted Greenpop with welcoming all festival goers, handing out snacks during the plant days and lots of other things. It made her wonder what it takes for Greenpop’s Marketing and Communications Department to organize this festival. Here’s what she discovered.

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Organic Farming Interns

Urban Farmer for a Day

I am Anna, Communications and Marketing intern at Roots, joining John and Joli for a day at Urban Harvest. This organization installs, maintains and supports organic food gardens in the city. They teach and educate people to grow own, fresh and healthy food at home. I am interviewing the Organic Farming interns and gather interesting insights about their weekly schedule, daily tasks, and experiences. Read their exciting story here.

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Intern abroad Cape Town

The Life of an intern in Cape Town

Julie is in Cape Town volunteering on a content writing internship for Penda Photo Tours. Hailing from the States, her life in South Africa is wholly different. From the culture, to the city life, here is life in Cape Town, South Africa through the eyes of an intern abroad.

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