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Internships with Victoria Falls WildHub

Victoria Falls Wildhub (VFWH) is a nonprofit organization located in Zimbabwe. Their primary goal is to give wildlife a voice and protect their homes through the power of education. They achieve their mission by conducting research of the surrounding wildlife in Zimbabwe and analyzing data to ensure effective conservation. After thorough research, they encourage and inspire young people by teaching them about the beauty of conserving wildlife through after school programs. 

Additionally, the organization also shares their collected data analysis with other local conservation NGOs to support them in their work. Given this organization’s vast knowledge in research, they have also mentored interns through their thesis or dissertation on wildlife conservation. In a world of change, VFWH projects are always evolving to meet new challenges and opportunities within the reserve.

Wildlife Research Internship

Open for applications

Wildlife Research Internship

  • Min. 4 weeks
  • Fuller Forest, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • Wildlife Research, Data Collection & Analysis
Join a team of professionals in research on African wildlife, advancing the understanding of wildlife ecosystem conservation.
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