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Education-focused Internships with Sustainable Coffee Bay

Founded in 2011, Sustainable Coffee Bay is a non-profit organization based in South Africa’s Wild Coast, where some rural communities face a number of social and economical challenges. Focused mostly on education, Sustainable Coffee Bay is dedicated to opening up opportunities for people who lack access to good schooling, skill development, and job prospects.

The organization focuses their resources in three main areas:

  • Early Childhood Development: providing assistance to the first 6 years of life with nutritional support, support for primary caregivers, social services and stimulation for early learning education;
  • Education and Youth Development: supporting local youth to complete quality education, leading them to a higher employability and a financially independent future;
  • Rural Assistance: providing assistance to Coffee Bay communities with access to services with less bureaucratic processes.

Sustainable Coffee Bay’s overall aims are to alleviate poverty, create higher job prospects, and improve life quality for local communities.

NGO storytelling internship; Sustainable Coffee Bay

Open for applications

NGO Storytelling Internship, South Africa

NGO Storytelling Internship, South Africa

Min 8 weeks

Coffee Bay, South Africa

Social Media, Storytelling, Content creation, Fundraising, Writing

Gain experience in communications within the context of a social impact program