Hlumelelisa, Johannesburg, South Africa

Hlumelelisa is a nonprofit offering horticulture training in prisons and to youth-at-risk in Johannesburg. The organization’s mission is to equip people with horticultural, entrepreneurial, and life skills so that they have an increased chance of finding work and becoming fully reintegrated into the community after their release. In addition, the projects help to create a greener, safer, more beautiful South Africa.

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Online Charity Fundraising & Communications Internship

Min. 4 weeks


Digital communications, Fundraising, Stakeholder management

Gain experience in fundraising and digital communications in a nonprofit context.

NGO Management Internship

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NGO Management Internship in Johannesburg

8-26 weeks

Johannesburg, South Africa

Grant writing, fundraising, marketing, operations

Help with the overall management and development of this skill development charity.

Communications and Digital Marketing Internship

Open for applications

Communications and Digital Media Internship in Johannesburg

8-26 weeks

Johannesburg, South Africa

Communications, writing, social media

Bring your communications skills to an NGO that provides valuable skill development to prisoners.

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Transformation Through Horticulture

Horticulture is Hlumelelisa’s “catalyst for transformation” because lots of scientific evidence shows that immersion in nature has a positive impact on people’s well-being. Moreover, horticultural skills are scarce and therefore useful to have in South Africa. Through a 10-month accredited course, Hlumelelisa teaches offenders the relevant skills to become a successful employee or even entrepreneur in the horticulture field, thus diverting them from turning again to crime as a means to survive.

The nonprofit was founded in 2003 and has, so far, offered courses to 735 people. It’s now looking at expanding beyond Johannesburg – and putting together sustainable and scalable systems and programs.

What to Expect as an Intern with Hlumelelisa

As an intern, you’ll gain practical experience in a nonprofit context, and contribute to a worthwhile cause at the same time. Based in Johannesburg, you’ll get a good understanding of the way social development programs work, and you’ll be able to use and improve your skills quickly.