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Internships with the GoAbroad Foundation

The GoAbroad Foundation is a US based nonprofit organization that supports grass-roots organizations that focus on community development, education, spreading social justice and/or promote equality. They assist these organization in establishing financial sustainability. In addition, they connect these organization with the community of meaningful travel and education by establishing partnerships and guaranteeing the impactful work of these organizations can continue.

One of the organizations they support is based in the Philippines, and they are on a mission to establish sustainable development projects and social welfare programs in and around Tacloban City. This organization runs a community program,  where they focus on community development, nutrition, livelihood projects, construction and supporting schools. Their Child Sponsorship Program enables local school children to receive for example education, meals and medical support.

Open for applications

Social Work Internship

Social Work Internship

Min. 8 weeks

Tacloban, The Philippines

Impact assessment, Reporting, Donor communications

Venture to the Philippines for an internship with a social welfare program.