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Internships with a strong humanitarian mission

The Adonis Musati Project aims to assist and empower marginalized refugees and migrants in Cape Town and South Africa through continuous support networks with long-lasting positive changes. Asylum seekers and migrants in South African society are in dire need of resources and systematic support to combat overwhelming daily challenges, which range from poor healthcare systems and a lack of livelihood to social exclusion.

The mission of The Adonis Musati Project is to eliminate these significant obstacles by providing health, welfare, training, education, and advocacy, thus helping the marginalized populations successfully integrate into South African society. Another major focus of the project is to help these populations overcome mental health problems that are often due to past traumatic experiences.

The nonprofit organization achieves these goals by providing psychological counselling services, nutrition and safety support, skill development programms, specialized support for victims of sexual violence and abuse, and various youth empowerment programms.

The Adonis Musati Project strongly believes that by shrinking the gap of access and availability in services for this population, these individuals will benefit from sustained growth and eventual self-reliance.

Communications internship in Cape Town - feature; Adonis Musati Project

Open for applications

Communications Internship

  • 8 - 26 weeks
  • Cape Town, South Africa OR Remote
  • Communications, Digital Marketing, Fundraising
Communications and digital marketing within a nonprofit context
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