Our roots lie with Greenpop.

Based in Cape Town, Greenpop is an environmental nonprofit that has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2010, partly because it has always thrived on interns and volunteers from around the world. It’s this success story that has inspired us to create Roots; a platform for matching good causes with people on a mission to learn.

Greenpop runs urban greening, reforestation, and eco-education projects in Southern and East Africa. And they do it with a difference; they make it fun, accessible, and valuable for everyone involved. While planting trees is an important and very beneficial activity, Greenpop believes that unless communities are actively involved in and incentivized by the process, no lasting environmental change is possible. To date, Greenpop has planted just under 80,000 trees – and activated thousands of people in the process.  

Interns have been a vital part of Greenpop’s inspiring work and impressive growth. Over the past 7 years, over 220 people from more than 25 different countries have joined the organization to get their hands dirty. Interns and volunteers at Greenpop work hard, accomplish much and have heaps of fun. And without the input of interns, Greenpop could not have achieved what it has.

We’re a sprout of this success story. Inspired by the mutual growth that we’ve witnessed, we’ve nurtured the concept and allowed it to expand. Not only do we offer nonprofit internships at Greenpop, we also place people in a range of other partner organizations, widening the choice and increasing the impact. 

We are proud to still be offering internships in Cape Town with Greenpop. You can join the environmental nonprofit in a variety of departments; fundraising, environmental management, graphic design, communications, creative writing, and urban greening.

Find out how you can do an internship in Cape Town with Greenpop! 

Greenpop internship Cape Town Greenpop internships Cape Town

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