Sunshine Cinema is a mobile cinema that converts solar power into social impact. Through screening various types of dynamic educational, interactive content, media training workshops, they address social and environmental challenges through community partnerships. Since 2013 they have screened to over 6,000 direct audience members across Southern Africa.  This organization believes in harnessing the power of media to create social change – turning passive viewers into active voices!

Main services of Sunshine Cinema
1. Community Screenings + Media Training
With a mobile cinema unit, they screen short films that address social and environmental challenges and practical ways to overcome them. Sunshine Cinema has a research team that scouts out appropriate technologies – simple engineering solutions – already in use across the continent, document these, and edits the footage into three-minute clips with practical information and how-to instructions. These are shared with rural communities during screenings and workshops across the continent, using a mobile solar cinema.

2. Green Your Screening
Their main aim with this service is to promote alternative energy and energy conservation by providing screening events that are solar powered in terms of lighting, sound, and screen.

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Solar cinema

Internships at Sunshine Cinema

Communications-Fundraising Internship

  • Destination Cape Town, South Africa
  • Type of Organisation Film-Focused NGO
  • Work Focus Social Media, Writing, Fundraising, Events Coordination
  • Length of Internship 8-12 weeks
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