I had expected to take direction and do what was expected of me, in that way learning how marketing works. Instead, I was giving much more autonomy and responsibility, as well as a voice in the decision-making process, which proved to be a fantastic creative outlet, making my job much more interesting than I had expected.

Grace, United States

Because in the end Greenpop is also about discovering ourselves, our abilities and our limits that are never as close as we imagine them to be. During those three months I have become more self-confident, improved my soft skills and built amazing relationships that I will never forget.

Martina, Italy

I loved to see the amount of thoughtfulness and upcycling that goes on in the office, and working with a group of people that want to make a positive difference even when it’s an inconvenience. I don’t really think that my time with Cape Town or South Africa is finished, to be honest.

Anne, United States

I went into it hoping I would learn a lot, be stretched out of my comfort zone, grow in confidence and feel as though I was helping in some way. As I reflect back I think all of these things have happened. I was able to do a myriad of different tasks, that were stimulating, challenging at times and I was making a difference even if in small ways.

Naomi, United States

My intention was to learn as much as I could. It was through this – working in different areas of communications bit by bit, from social media creation to marketing strategy to writing our newsletter – that I was able to find what I was truly passionate about: marketing campaigns. And I can now say that I have worked on a massively successful viral marketing campaign.

Emily, United States

As an intern, I have been given the opportunity to attend the environmental lessons in the schools as well as updating lesson plans and developing a workbook together with the Green Team. This workbook will be printed and used in the Living Classrooms from next year on!

Amanda, Sweden